The Process

How We Train

Chrissy is super passionate about her craft and development of you as an athlete and you could tell every day. I always knew she would get the best out of me even on days I didn’t want to!
— Dearica Hamby, WNBA's Las Vegas Aces

The beginning - inital assessment

Every athlete attends an initial assessment session to determine current skill set and appropriate training plan and if applicable, placed into the proper small group. Athletes are tested on their competency in 9 essential basketball movements. Start, stop, jump, land, throw, catch, move laterally, change direction, and pivot. Then the athlete completes a movement screening of double leg and single squat to identify imbalances, weaknesses and/or movement patterns that can be improved. After this assessment, both the athlete and parent will be provided with a qualitative and quantitative summary and recommendations moving forward.

the COMMITMENT - training sessions

Athletes should attend at least two sessions a week in order to see significant results. The programming cycle will adjust based on the time of year. Summer training will be all encompassing with focuses on strength, injury prevention and conditioning. Fall training will be focused on the conditioning level and skills necessary to perform well at try-outs. Winter or in-season training is crucial to maintain strength of all the muscles that are being taxed on a day-to-day basis. This training would be less cardiovascular-based and more focused on injury prevention and flexibility. Spring training is a combination of preparing for summer season and working to completely build back up what was lost or neglected during winter basketball season.