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Strength, Conditioning, and Injury Prevention


building better basketball athletes

Strags Performance Training LLC is a hybrid of basketball skills and movement training. We offer private and group sessions to grade-school aged athletes and beyond to provide the athletic skills necessary to excel at the game of basketball from a strength and conditioning perspective.

If your athlete needs help with:

  • Running form

  • Body control

  • Balance

  • Getting open on offense

  • Starting, stopping, and changing direction quickly

  • Upper body and lower body strength for midrange and 3pt shots

  • Proper jumping and landing technique

Strags Performance Training is the place for your athlete to gain the athletic skills necessary to excel at the game of basketball.

Learn how to:

Cut, move, and accelerate for offensive opportunities including separating from the pack for open layups.

Gain the strength necessary to shoot from farther distances.

Shuffle, change direction and use footwork to become an elite defender.

Each segment of learning is broken down into 3 parts. First, the fundamental skill of movement is taught to the athletes. They understand what moves, what stays stable and what the movement should feel like. Next, the movement is tested in a controlled environment. This is what is commonly knowing as drilling the movement. Finally, the movement is connected to sport through the ‘‘basketball application.” The athletes then understand and make the connection between the movement and how it makes them better and more efficient basketball athletes by implementing the movement in a basketball drill or small-sided game.

The model gives athletes the foundation of movement they need in order to improve athleticism, balance, flexibility, core strength, and reaction time by teaching 9 foundational movements of sport and then showing how they correlate within the game of basketball.

Chrissy Stragisher is the owner of Strags Performance Training and has the unique background of working with professional athletes in the WNBA for over 7 years as well as having spent 2 years as an assistant college basketball coach at the Division 1 level. She knows not only what it takes to get to the next level beyond high school but what is necessary to stay there.

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Monday-Friday 1pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday by appointment

Types of sessions


Individual sessions with the highest focus on correcting imbalances and targeting specific athlete goals

small group training

3-8 athletes training in a small group setting. This format allows for individualized instruction while at the same time allowing athletes to work with and compete against peers.

team training

8-12 athletes training in a team setting. High focus on reactive training, hand-eye coordination and conditioning. This setting fosters teamwork and group accountability. This training can be mobile as the coach can travel to your gym or practice facility.

basketball skills

Strictly basketball skills sessions with an emphasis on dribbling, passing and shooting form. These can be either one-on-one sessions or small group.

bridging the gap - after physical therapy

After the injury, after being cleared from physical therapy, athletes are expected to jump back into the full swing of intensity. This program helps to ease the athlete back into competition play with a gradual progression towards full participation in sport again.

adult performance and training

Adult are athletes too! This is for those who want to get in better shape for an event, sport or life.