Building better basketball athletes.





Chrissy Stragisher

Chrissy is a basketball strength and conditioning coach. She was formerly the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the WNBA’s San Antonio Stars. She trained 12 WNBA All-Stars during her 7 seasons including current Spurs Assistant Coach Becky Hammon and 2018 All-Star Kayla McBride of the Las Vegas Aces. Stragisher was responsible for program design, implementation, injury prevention protocol, and sports science data collection in coordination with the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs Sports Scientists.

Stragisher also spent 2 seasons as a Division 1 Assistant Basketball Coach at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, New York. She was responsible for player development, recruiting, video scouting reports and the team’s strength and conditioning program.

She began with the San Antonio Silver Stars as a coaching intern in 2008 and then was hired as the team’s Coordinator of Video and Basketball Operations for the 2009 season. Stragisher left to New York to coach at the collegiate level for a year and a half and then returned to the Stars in 2011. She was the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Video Coordinator from 2011-2017 until the team was sold to Las Vegas following the 2017 season.

She’s coached and trained numerous middle school basketball teams and oversaw strength and conditioning for local middle school, high school and college athletes over the years.



• Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association
• Performance Enhancement Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
• Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, USA Weightlifting


Strags Performance Training was born out a desire to see basketball athletes excel at their craft. As Chrissy’s career took her from an intern in the WNBA to a college assistant basketball coach at the Division 1 level and then back to the WNBA as a strength and conditioning coach, she saw athletes with extreme athleticism whose bodies did what they needed to do in order to be efficient. She learned how to tweak form and make imbalances balanced again and felt great fulfillment in training athletes to perform at peak levels.

Chrissy was afforded the opportunity to attend a facility called Speed Strength Systems in Euclid, Ohio as a high school athlete and was properly taught how to move, run, squat and perform high level lifts. Out of this, her love for strength and conditioning was born and after her time in the WNBA, she decided that she wanted to open something similar to teach young athletes the foundations of movement and lifting the same way that she had been taught as a child. She knew from her time at the college and professional level the more background an athlete had in overall movement training, the more adapt their performance was. Her mission is to train and teach the proper movement patterns to young athletes so they can be more successful at the sport of basketball.

She finds that many issues kids have these days are due to lack of unstructured play as well as the removal of physical education in school where classes taught proper running form, balance, and coordination. Her sessions are a hybrid of the skills that kids need to become better athletes combined with the nuances of the game of basketball. It’s often a combination of skill work and technical work that an athlete needs. They need things like strength to get the shot all the way to the basket, proper running form so as not to fatigue so quickly and injury prevention to minimize time spent healing on the sideline and maximize time on the court.

Most athletes can move but the question then becomes, “Can they move more efficiently?” If the answer is yes, then they need a training system in order to learn how.